All India Uco Bank Employees Federation is the Majority Trade Union, representing Workmen Staff, in Uco Bank founded in the year 1963. It has 23 affiliates in all the States and Union Territories. It is commanding over- whelming majority of workmen staff in the Bank. All India Uco Bank Employees Federation is the apex level Union of Workmen staff in the Bank, playing its due role both in the progress and prosperity of the Institution and in promoting the interest of the workforce at large and its members in particular. All India Uco Bank Employees’ Federation is an affiliate of AIBEA which is the Umbrella organisation of workmen staff in the entire Banking Industry in India.The Contact details of 23 affiliates are as follows:

1.UCO Bank Employees association - ANDHRA PRADESH AND TELENGANA

2.UCO BANK Staff Union - ASSAM

3.UCO BANK Employees Association - AHMEDABAD

4.UCO BANK Employees Association - BIHAR

5.UCO BANK Employees Union - CHATTISGARH

6.UCO BANK Employees Union - CHENNAI

7.Uco Bank employees Association(Delhi State)

8.UCO BANK Employees Association - GOA

9.Gujarat Bank Workers Union - RAJKOT

10.UCO BANK Employees union - HIMACHAL PRADESH

11.UCO BANK Employees Union - JHARKAND

12.UCO BANK Employees Union - KARNATAKA

13.UCO BANK Employees Union - KERALA

14.UCO BANK Staff Union - MUMBAI

15.UCO BANK Employees Association - MADYA PRADESH

16.UCO BANK Employees Association - NAGPUR

17.UCO BANK Employees Union - ODISHA

18.UCO BANK Employees Union - PUNJAB

19.UCO BANK Employees Union - PUNE

20.UCO BANK Staff Association - RAJASTHAN

21.UCO BANK Staff Union - TIRUPURA

22.UCO BANK Staff Association - UTTAR PRADESH