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codeAll India Uco Bank Employees Federation is the Majority Trade Union, representing Workmen Staff, in Uco Bank founded in the year 1963. It has 23 affiliates in all the States and Union Territories. It is commanding over- whelming majority of workmen staff in the Bank. All India Uco Bank Employees Federation is the apex level Union of Workmen staff in the Bank, playing its due role both in the progress and prosperity of the Institution and in promoting the interest of the workforce at large and its members in particular. All India Uco Bank Employees’ Federation is an affiliate of AIBEA which is the Umbrella organisation of workmen staff in the entire Banking Industry in India. AIBEA is the Pioneer National Trade union of Bank Employees having been founded in 1946 and commanding the membership of more than half a million Bank Employees covering Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks, Foreign Banks, Co-operative Banks and Regional Rural Banks. AIBEA is instrumental in Nationalisation of Private Banks and continuing its struggle in preserving the Public Sector character of these Banks which were Nationalised in 1969 & in 1980..
AIBEA is instrumental in bringing collective bargaining system in the Industry and as a result all the service conditions and wages are decided uniformly for the entire workforce in the Industry from time to time through bilateral discussions with the Indian Bank Association, the apex level body of the Bankers in India. All India Uco Bank Employees Federation has been in the forefront of the Trade Union Movement of Bank Employees and is instrumental in bringing enormous improvements and advancements in the service conditions of the employees in Uco Bank. A well laid Policy that ensured timely Career progression for the Clerical Staff, Sub staff and Sweepers was first brought about in the Bank in 1968 through bilateral discussions with the Management of Uco bank. Since then lot of improvements have been brought about periodically as a result a lot number of Clerical staff, sub staff and sweepers could be promoted to higher cadre from time to time. Similarly, various HR policies like Transfer and Placement policy, Deployment Policy, Request Transfer Facilitation, Various Staff Friendly Loan Schemes for Purchase of House properties, Vehicles and Home Appliances etc.are the products of efforts of AIUCBEF. It is also instrumental in bringing good number of Staff Welfare Schemes such as Health Care, Group Insurance, Encouragement to wards of employees for their outstanding performance in School and College education, Support to the differently abled children of the employees, etc.AIUCBEF‘s role in the progress of the Institution – UCO BANK has been well recognised by every one.
AIUCBEF played a Leading and Significant role taking along with it all the other unions representing both Officers and Workmen staff, when the Bank suffered a serious setback and was engulfed by an atmosphere of uncertainty about the future in late 90s. This, coupled with consistent and constant positive role and contributions of AIUCBEF, UCO BANK has regained its prime place in the Banking Industry.AIUCBEF‘s nominees have been representing the workmen staff on the Top Policy Making body-Board of the Bank.Ever since the office of the Workman Director came into being in 1971, leaders of AIUCBEF have been on the Board of the Bank continuously. Late Com.S.Lakshmanan (from Tamilnadu) the then General Secretary was the first Workman Director and served on the Board for nearly 13 years. Com.Shyam Gopal Das (Kolkatta)another founder leader, late Com Krishanlal (Jallandar), Com.Y.K.Sharma (Delhi), and Com.K.Vijhayan (Tamilnadu),Com.Rama Avatar Sharma (Jaipur),Com.Partha Chanda (West Bengal) were on the board in the last 45 years. Similarly our nominees have been representing the work men in the PF and PENSION trusts.


WE SALUTE OUR LEADERS WHO HAVE FOUNDED, NURSED AND MADE IT A VIBRANT ORGANISATION BY DINT OF SELFLESS DEVOTION, HARD WORKING AND SACRIFICES We from AIUCBEF can never forget the role and contributions of Leaders of AIBEA namely Com.Prabhat Kar, Com.Parvana, Com.D.P.Chadda and Com.Tarakda who have had intimate association with AIUCBEF and had been responsible for building a strong organisation in uco bank under the Flag of AIBEA. We also gratefully remember the contributions of the under mentioned Leaders from with- in, whose tireless and selfless efforts are responsible for what we are today.


Com.Deshpande, from Mumbai was the one of those who was instrumental in giving shape to the All India body – AIUCBEF. He was an accredited leader with commendable ability to bring the then existing units in various states under one umbrella. It was the then Bombay which played a significant role, besides Kolkatta , Chennai and Delhi in the formative days of AIUCBEF. A highly respected leader in Maharashtra later became the President of AIUCBEF. A skillful negotiator and strategician, Com.Deshpande was a popular trade union leader among the Bank employees and particularly among the Ucoites.

Com. Shyam Gopal Das:

Born in 1929 Com.Das joined the Bank at Kolkatta in 1946, at a very early age. He carry with him the reputation of more than 5 decades of dedication to the Bank Employees’ movement. A Comrade, with high principles and values has been serving the movement right form the days of formation of our National Organisation –AIBEA. A comrade who is now at 81, involving himself in the trade union activities He is affectionately known as DADA amongst his men. He is held in high esteem by every one and his word is the last one for every body. He and Com.Lakshmanan were considered to be TWIN TOWERS as far as the leadership in our Federation is considered. Com.Das was /is considered to be a cementing force in our Organisation. A visionary and a revolutionist but also a religious, Com.Das is considered to be a God Father to all of us in Uco Bank. He was the President of Federation for nearly 13 years, Its General Secretary between 1986 and 1996 and is now heading the Federation as its Chairman. He also served on the Board as workman director for three years.

Com S. Lakshmanan:

Born in 1934 he joined the Bank in 1954. Since the day one, he started associating himself with the Trade union activities in Chennai the then Madras. He took active part in the movement and became the Leader of Tamilnadu unit. He was one of those who played a key role in bringing the unions in Uco Bank in various states like Delhi, Bombay, Bengal and units in South under the umbrella of an apex body called as All India Uco Bank Employees’ Federation in 1963. He was the General Secretary of the AIUCBEF for nearly 18 years and later became its President in 1986 and till his unfortunate tragic demise in 1991 he continued to lead the Federation. He was the first workman director on the Board of the Bank and occupied the office for a record period of 13 years. He was a fighter and for him every battle,_ be it with the Management or with the adversaries of AIBEA - battle was meant to be won. His role and contribution in making the Flag of AIBEA fly high in Uco Bank where the anti AIBEA forces joined together and attempted to disrupt our organization, shall ever be remembered by one and all.

Com.Krishan Lal:

An unquestionable Leader from Punjab whose role in shaping and strengthening the Federation is equally commendable. Particularly in the Northern part of India, it was Com.Krishan Lal who successfully held the fort against the onslaught of anti AIBEA forces. He was the President of AIUCBE between 1991 and 2004.He held the office of Vice Chairman till he breathed last in 2008. He was also on the Board of the Bank as workman director between 1991 and 1995. Contributions of Com. Shanti Ranjan Bal, Com.Sankari Prasad Dutta from West Bengal, Com. W.G.Deshpande, Com.A.N.Oza & Com.M.K.Jha from Maharashtra,Com.P.N.Oza from Gujarat Com.R.N.Kapoor, Com.Y.P.Chaddha and Com.Y.K.Sharma from Delhi, Com.R.J.Pherwani from Karnataka, Com.K.S.Pillai from Kerala, Com.C.R.Naik from Orissa, Com.P.D.Singh from Bihar and Com.M.L.Khosla from Himachal Pradesh, are immense both in the formative days of Federation and in subsequent period, which ensured 53 years of the journey of AIUCBEF a glorious one. There were/are numerous leaders from various states whose role too deserve to find a significant place in the pages of our Federation’s History. We shall ever remember these ARCHITECTS and emulate their leadership qualities in our on ward journey. WE salute them with a deep sense of gratitude for giving us the pride of being soldiers of AIUCBEF.



  • COM.SHYAM GOPAL DAS - Kolkatta


  • COM.P.D.SINGH - Bihar


  • COM.K.VIJHAYAN - Tamilnadu


  • COM.K.P.ANTANI - Rajkot
  • COM.K.S.PRAKASH RAO - AP and Telengana
  • COM.R.K.WALIA - Punjab

General Secretary:

  • COM.C.M.PATEL - Pune

Deputy General Secretary:

  • COM.R.A.SHARMA - Jaipur


  • COM.PARTHA CHANDA - Kolkatta

Joint Secretary:

  • COM.R.S.NAMBIAR - Kerala
  • COM.D.R.GUPTA - Shimla
  • COM.NARAD PAL - Ranchi
  • COM.I.P.MIDDA - Jallandar
  • COM.SANATH GOSH - Kolkatta
  • COM.S.MADHAVAN - Tamilnadu
  • COM.P.K.SINGH - Bihar
  • COM.J.A.SHIGWAN - Mumbai
  • COM.P.C.JENA - Odisha
  • COM.(Mrs.).B.VIJAYAL - Tamilnadu
  • COM.KUKREJA - Ahmedabad
  • COM.A.K.MISHRA - Lucknow


  • COM.V.KINI - Bengaluru


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